Wanted items

At this time I only collect vintage PC software, especially if it's made by Microsoft. Therefore, I am generally interested in obtaining anything that is not available elsehwere yet.

  • Tandy/Radio Shack parts 700-2611 and 90-0476

  • 90-0476 is Microsoft Windows as stated in Radio Shack catalogs RSC-18 and RSC-19. 700-2611 is an additional disk for Windows on the Tandy 2000, mentioned in RSC-19.
  • IBM parts 9811 and 9793

  • Both are mentioned in IBM's PS/2 and PC product reference version 4.0 from April 1987. 9811 is "Microsoft Windows (5.25in)", 9793 is "Microsoft Windows for Personal System/2 (3.5in)".
  • Any other piece of Microsoft/IBM software not yet available publicly

  • Especially interested in pre-release builds of Windows before Vista, OS/2, MS/PC-DOS, applications for these operating systems, etc. Contact me if you have anything that fits into this category.
  • Issues of vintage computing magazines between 1982 and 1990

  • Especially interested in magazines about the PC market. If you know of scans being available online or you want to provide them yourself, please contact me.

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