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LeakDB is a database of all known warez leaks of PC operating systems. You can browse all the entries below, or use the search function to look for a particular entry.

Please note that more entries are constantly added to the list. If you have information to contribute, please contact me (contact info on the krnl386.com homepage).

Confirmed Operating system Version Edition Language Date Parts Filename(s) Fix filename(s) Leaked by NFO Notes
MS-DOS 6.20RC1N/AEnglish1993-09-30362RCPWA*.ZIPPWA
MS-DOS 6.20RC2N/AEnglish1993-10-053RC2PWA-*.ZIPPWA
MS-DOS 6.20RC3N/AEnglish1993-10-113RC3PWA-*.ZIPPWA
MS-DOS 6.20RC5N/AEnglish1993-10-153RC5PWA-*.ZIPPWA
Novell DOS 7Beta 1N/AEnglish1993-07-218NOVL-DS*.ZIPUnknown
Novell DOS 7Beta 2N/AEnglish1993-09-036NOVLAUG*.ZIPUnknown
Novell DOS 7Beta 3N/AEnglish1993-10-216UTYND7-*.ZIPUNiTY