KRNL386 - A site about retro computing

This is my personal website about retro computing. It's not much to see and it's also a perpetual work in progress.

My blog about retro computing

This is where I post all sorts of things related to retro computing.

My site for Windows 1.0

I made a site dedicated to the first version of Windows with all the info you need.

Photos of pre-release builds of Windows 1.0

Here you can view all the photos of pre-release builds of Windows 1.0 I found in old computer magazines and other sources.

Screenshots of pre-release builds of Mafia

Since I'm a big fan of the first Mafia game, I've collected over 400 pre-release screenshots of it.

86Box Manager on GitHub

This is my configuration/virtual machine manager for the 86Box Emulator. More information on the GitHub repo.

List of wanted items

Just a list of things I'm interested in obtaining. If you have anything to offer, contact me.

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